Who is a real estate agent?

A real estate agent is a professional and trained real estate seller. It can act both on the part of the owner and on the part of the buyer. The agent acts in the interests of the party that hired him. Or in the interests of the owner or in the interests of the buyer.

Thanks to a professional agent, the owner can sell the property more expensive and faster than his competitors who sell their property themselves or give it for sale to several agencies. Any real estate agent will work in the interests of the owner only if the owner gives the agent the exclusive right to represent his interests.

Some owners try to sell their property themselves. But as a rule, this venture ends with the owner by the fact that he eventually loses five times more time, money, nerves and as a result, not selling the property on time, incurs a loss and then the property that is being sold for a long time is no longer of any interest to anyone like stale goods in the shop. And when the buyer was finally found, the owner was already tired of the endless empty views, calls and persistent realtors from the buyer, knocking down the price all the time. A tired and exhausted owner is a good opportunity for a buyer to bargain with the owner before losing strength. And in the end, the owner surrenders and sells his property after a long time and at a price that he did not want to hear about before.

All real estate owners who do not understand the essence of the fact that only an experienced agent with authority from the owner can best cope with this task go through this. Therefore, some owners are trying not to do their own thing. But agents working in the interests of the owner, unlike owners, sell real estate professionally and do it perfectly, because the agent has a material interest and a guarantee of payment for his work.

Agents work according to a plan called a marketing strategy or a plan for promoting an object (a search plan for the ideal customer). They know how to find the right buyer in the shortest possible time. As specialists, they can use all the effective tools for finding buyers.

If you do not create and implement a good promotion plan, you can sell, but at a cheaper price.

In order to be sure of the quality of the property sales service ordered and the 100% guarantee of the result, the owner must understand that the agent will responsibly and efficiently engage in the promotion of the property only when the agent is granted an exclusive right to sell. And only in this case, the owner will be satisfied with the service of a realtor and get the expected result, and then recommend it to his friends and relatives.

Only an experienced real estate agent can make an excellent exposure, that is, presenting the object to the market in the most favorable light. This is such a representation of the property on the market, which allows all qualified buyers to see the property and evaluate it. The higher the level of exposure of the object on the market, the more expensive the object will be sold. This is the axiom and basics of real estate marketing.

So, get acquainted with all the events that we hold to please you with a favorable price and terms. We are sure that you didn’t even suspect the efforts of experienced real estate professionals to sell your apartment profitably and quickly, because often it seems to customers that the realtor does nothing, but just sits and advertises on the site. But we have an established marketing strategy, that is, a certain action plan to promote the real estate object, which we are starting to implement and the object receives an excellent exposure on the market, and this is painstaking work.

Here, all the necessary conditions and measures for a successful sale with our real estate agency.

1. The agent and the owner must have one goal and be one team, there must be mutual trust and respect. The owner and his real estate agent is like a patient and his attending physician, if there is no respect, openness, honesty and trust, then the desired result will not be achieved.

2. Home-staging and professional photography, video shooting, 3-D visualization. Special pre-sale preparation of an apartment or other real estate property, using a special technique, which is widely used abroad, but is used very little in Ukraine. As a result of such preparation, an unsightly and terrible apartment can become a sweetie and rise in price, and most importantly, it can be sold from the first viewing. After pre-sale preparation we carry out a photo, video shooting or 3D visualization. You can read more about Home Staging here.

3. Carried out professional market analytics. The purpose of this event is the formation of the correct value of the property. Such analytics is carried out within a few working days, and is not limited to viewing ads on sites. It includes personal inspections of competing offers by your agent with field trips, tendering with owners and the subsequent final assessment of your property.

4. After evaluating and agreeing with the customer, we establish the correct starting test cost at which the property will have a high exposure and will attract the attention of buyers. This price can always be adjusted (depending on demand).

5. Professional promotion (advertising) is an event inaccessible to the ordinary owner. We compose selling advertising content, select only the best photos and start an advertising campaign. All the most motivated buyers will learn about the sale of apartments. To promote real estate, we use all our resources on the network, dozens of real estate portals, hundreds of message boards on the Internet, real estate communities, social networks and personal contacts (dozens of real estate agencies, thousands of private realtors). We also widely use outdoor advertising at the place of sale of an apartment or other object. We work with all agents in the affiliate sales system, that is, we share our remuneration with them, so your property will be offered first. A lot of agents will offer and advertise a property to all their buyers at the same price, which is very important for a high rating of a property, as usually buyers do not want to watch a property with a low rating because they think that the owner cannot determine the price, and no one wants to deal with unstable owners. As a rule, the most correct and motivated buyers who are ready to pay do not read ads on the Internet, but turn directly to our and other agencies with which we constantly work.

6. Advertise your property in other segments. All the agencies that we offer for sale of your property have a database of potential buyers who want to buy now or have searched before, but have not yet bought property in another area or segment. Your object will be offered to these customers, which will undoubtedly increase the audience of potential buyers and allow us to increase our rating and reach a better price.

7. Competent conducting of views is a very important component of a successful sale. Consists of a number of special events. The goal is to show only the merits of the apartment or other real estate being sold, to screen out tourists, crooks and other characters who are not going to buy, but pursue other goals, sometimes criminal ones. Our views create excitement among buyers, save your property from their criticism, you from unnecessary unnecessary questioning, because of which you can say something unnecessary, giving buyers reason to doubt the merits of your property. Also in the views, we deprive buyers of the possibility of excessive bargaining with you and help them decide to buy your property at a higher price.

8. Customer feedback. We keep in touch with all buyers who looked at your property, but did not immediately decide to buy it, due to personal circumstances or because we wanted to see dozens of other options. We call these customers to remind them of our sale and clarify with them the reason why they hesitate to buy your property. The goal is a reminder of us and an invitation to look again and refresh your best option for them, as well as control over the market of competing offers that they are looking at and compare with our property, only in this way we can be sure that our property is for sale will withstand competition and will be sold as profitably and quickly as possible. The owner himself cannot call customers, as this gives them a reason to mercilessly bargain and bring down the price. And if you do not remind about the object of sale, then buyers can forget about it and how it looks after a week, since five other objects can be seen in a week.

9. Defending the interests of the customer. In negotiations, bidding and preparation for an advance contract. Also in the discussion of the terms of the transaction, the time of departure, the place of purchase and sale, the procedure and method of calculation, transaction costs, expenses for taxes and notarization, we defend the interests of the customer. We help save time, nerves and your money. We know all the pitfalls and will help you solve the issue of selling profitably and comfortably.

10. Selling real estate up to 15% more expensive than the original starting cost. All our marketing strategy and market knowledge allows us to find the most motivated buyers and sell an apartment or other property using the "auction" technology, that is, with a gradual increase in value.

11. Complete safety. We have been working with the same notaries for many years, these specialists have established themselves as experienced and knowledgeable in their field. Venues for transactions are arranged in such a way that you can comfortably calculate and check the money and, if necessary, immediately put it into your bank account. We have the recommendations of our old customers, and we have a lot of experience. Working with one agency and one of our specialists, you will be sure that there will be no information leakage and you will not fall into the hands of scammers. We will guide you through all stages of the sales process and you will forever become our regular customers.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. Contact us.